About Red Pomme

The story of Red Pomme begins with a left-behind suitcase and a love for classic clothing. Our Founder, Rose Ellen, began selling her clothing at village fairs and art walks.

By 2019, she realized a unique brand inspired by French actresses, such as Isabelle Adjani and Catherine Deneuve, had developed.

Rose began to select garments for the first collection: Le Paris Chic. 

Her passion for yoga and lounging in street style fashion inspired the collection, Style Sport.

Because sensuality is natural to women, she decided every woman needs a wardrobe for passionate romance, Lingerie Sexy. 

One afternoon while she was eating a red apple, the idea to establish a French Boutique was set into motion. She named the boutique Red Pomme, pomme, meaning apple in French.  


Do be our guest and take a bite of the Red Pomme.